A Very Cracked Up World

It goes without saying but this book is totally OMG. Cracked by Barbra Leslie is on fire except you can’t put out the fire because the series continues. But let me get to the point: this is one book that everyone has to read.

Set in Toronto, California and Maine, Cracked follows the life of a former executive present crackhead, Danny Cleary. Things get a little cray cray when Danny is forced to put aside hecrackedr crack addiction as a result of her twin sister’s mysterious death.

Cracked is an action packed, drug infested, murderous, dysfunctional, violent fictitious masterpiece. If you’re looking for an escape, this is it.

Before signing off, it’s only fair that I mention Barbra Leslie, the author of this nail-biting adventure. Not only is she refreshing, she also has an uncanny ability to keep the reader hooked throughout the whole story. Hang on to your socks ladies, they are about to get knocked off and lost in the laundry machine.

My verdict: Four double jointed thumbs up and an Oreo.


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