London Has Fallen

London-has-Fallen-Gerard-ButlerThree nervous breakdowns later, I can tell you that this is one movie that made my jaw drop. How does one summarize an hour and a half of nail-biting action, non-stop gun violence and good-looking men trying to save the world?

London is terrorized by survivors who seek to kill the President of the United States (Aaron Ekhart) after a surprise ambush in a remote part of Pakistan. Mayhem ensues as soon as the president steps foot on English soil. Lucky for him, Gerard Butler, who plays his bodyguard, is by his side. While the two try to stay alive and navigate the streets of London, the city is overtaken by terrorists.

Life is so much more better with world-saving hotties, Hollywood drama and Morgan Freeman. He always saves the day.

My verdict: Four thumbs up and an Ativan.

P. S In all seriousness, terrorism is a serious and real thing.