Sweet Esc

We’re starting off with the sweet stuff people!

It was a sunny Sunday morning and of course I was on my phone looking up food posts and checking reviews on Yelp. I came across this place called Sweet Esc. At first it sounded very odd to me ’cause, well, why not finish up the statement, Food 5

Sweet Escape right? Anyway, we decided to try it out.

At first glance, it looked very small but dainty from the outside. Once we stepped in, it gave off a very toned-down cafe vibe with the decor being very sleek and crisp. The whole place was very minimalistic. Their main focus was on the dessert and their presentation.

Food 4

Because they are a smaller establishment, their menu  isn’t as extensive. We decided to order the dishes that had the most praise online.

Drinks ordered: Appleberry Italian soda which is a fizzy apple and strawberry drink.   Peach Lemonade tea. Verdict: Both are super yummy! (Price:$3.50)

Food 2

Service was very good and the sole waiter  was very attentive. He explained the menu very well and gave us insight on what set Sweet Esc apart from other cafes in the area.

We learned  that they make almost everything in-house: cakes, ice cream, and pastries – which I think was pretty impressive.

Next, we ordered their “Create your own Hot Plate” item since it dominated most of their Instagram tagged photos. (Priced at $8.50 with the additional charge of 50 cents for extra toppings since you get the first topping free)

Food 3

I chose the Belgian waffle with in-house Matcha ice cream, vanilla sauce, cookie crumbs and marshmallows to give it a s’mores type of feel. As well,  we ordered the Chocolate brownie with in-house infused vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and seasonal fruits. Sauce had to be poured on immediately  for optimal taste because the dishes were on hot plates. The sizzle was eye-catching. Everything  danced around, which was such a unique experience.

The experience may have been unique and the food may have looked really delicious, I wasn’t exactly blown away by the taste of this item. The waffles became mushy instantly. I am a huge fan of matcha to begin with but the ice cream tasted a bit bland in my opinion. As well, the sauce was lacking the flavour of vanilla. There was also a strong cardamom flavour in the vanilla ice cream, but it was otherwise tasty.

Overall, I loved the service, the drinks, the vibe of this establishment and how most items are made in-house and made to order. On another note,  the flavour of some items  needed to be heightened just a smidge to match  how  delicious they looked in photos. I will return to this place to try out their small selection of savoury items and maybe try out their tarts and cakelets. As for the hot plate items, maybe not.

Verdict: 3 sticky fingers out of 5!